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AR Factory Best Replica Rolex Sea-Dweller 126600 43mm

Rolex Sea-Dweller 126600 43mm 2017 by AR FACTORY ; Absolute Perfection !

Review by replicawatchpro.co on 23 January 2018

AR factory watches are very limited and the demand is very high. Normally have to pre-order. Let’s take a look at the Rolex Sea-Dweller 126600 50th Anniversary made by AR Factory (ARF). This factory has been succesfully beat Noob and JF on Rolex Daytona and Date-Just 36mm model. How good is this Sea-Dweller? Let’s take a look.

Before I go further, I just want to share my first impression on this replica :

  • Very nice material finished, as ARF claimed that the material they used is 904L (No one can confirm if it is real 904L or just better steel finished).
  • Very solid watch case and bracelet. As i felt, you will feel the same once you hold this replica at the first time. Very solid.
  • Luxury impression on the packaging.



Absolutely perfect dial made by ARF. All the details on the dial are perfectly made. Very clean, neat, and I found all the lettering are perfect.

  • Rolex crown logo is very precised on this ARF made. Perfect dimension, perfecth shape.
  • Correct font style and size of “ROLEX” lettering, and there is no major flaws on this part. Even though you put genuine and ARF replica side by side, you wont find any easy spottable flaws on this part.

Embossed red SEA-DWELLER is perfectly replicated by ARF. From size, color, and font style. All other lettering are alos nice with no significant flaws on this.

Very perfect bezel details, there is no rough part made by ARF on this :

  • The ceramic finished is very clean and shiny
  • Very deep bezel marker engravings
  • Correct silver color on bezel marker
  • Correct font style, size and thickness on bezel markers.
  • Perfect crown shape and perfect crown Rolex logo

  • Rehaut is very nice, you can see on Rolex crown logo in the rehaut part, very neat and engraved nicely.
  • Random serial number are well placed at the bottom part of the reahut.
  • I believe that those engravings still not exactly like genuine on this part. But  I can say this is very minor flaws

  • Nice cyclops magnifying, 2.5X as it should be
  • Date font is also good. Correct font style, size and thickness.
  • There are some minor rough printing on some date number, but I can really accept this, not a big deal.

  • The LEC is there, nice dot and easy to spot on specific angle and lighting.
  • The luminous is very sensitive towards light source. I probably try to put a good light for 1 minute, and the result is as you can see on above-right pictures.
  • The blue color of the luminous is correct as genuine.



  • I still keep the plastic cover on, but i still can see that the shine of the bracele is excellent.
  • The sel is very solid. You can see there is no significant gap on the lug end.

Look at the caseback engravings above. Extra ordinary clean, neat and well engraved

Again, keep in mind that i still keep the plastic on. I can see all the deails of the buckle and clasp are replicated properly by ARF. From crown logo, Rolex stamp at the back of the clasp, and Rolex crown logo on the extension link is well placed, and nicely engraved



Perfectly correct. 43mm case diameter, 15mm thickness (include the crystal) and very heave build by 188 grams.



This is what ARF different from other. I have to say this movement part is some unfortunate. They use A.2824 based movement with lack of 3135 decoration, while noob and JF are keeping up to make closer movement to genuine 3135 with their SA.3135 and SH.3135. However I  believe they have good reasons why they choose this movement instead :

  • A.2824 movement existed in the market since the beginning of movement replication in China. Known as very stable and accurate movement working with 28800vph. This is probably the reason why ARF use this movement instead of SA.3135 which known as super clone movement but there are some stability issue on some production batch.
  • The movement is not displayed, I believe ARF leave it non decorated just because it is hidden behind the caseback anyway. Not a big deal.
  • When you have issue with your movement, A.2824 parts is there in the market easily, very interchangeable with any ETA movement available.


  • If you really looking for physical perfection, there is no doubt to choose this ARF compare to other factories.
  • ARF is using 2824 to support this replica. The movement is very reliable and interchangeable ability once you have problem
  • Price equal to perfection. Very worthy to have with that price. 
  • I will say ARF is the best on this model compare 
  • Rare production, you need to grab it fast