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New 2019 – Konstantin Chaykin Replica Joker Watch For Sale

New 2019 Russian Horological Humour with the Konstantin Chaykin Joker Replica Watch

Russian Horological Humour with the Konstantin Chaykin Joker. A comical face that tells the time as well as the phase of the moon. The point of the watch isn’t just to remind watch collectors of the Joker character, but to use his theme in order to present a timepiece with a “face” that has about 20,000 distinct “facial expressions.”

The Joker wristwatch has a regulator-style dial that resembles a jester’s face. The time displayed on separate sub-dials that form of the eyes of the clown. A moon phase display takes the form of a grinning, open mouth at six o’clock. As the time and age of the moon progresses, the expression of the jester changes.

The face of the watch is decorated with two guilloche patterns, a wavy, radial motif on the silver-plated dial, and a hobnail pattern on the ruthenium-plated nose. 


The deeply etched time-setting crown displays Chaykin’s eagle-meets-K logo. It is located directly across from other “ear” on the face, a false crown that incorporates a pusher for the moon phase adjustment.


Visual interest: laser-engraved case back of the Konstantin Chaykin Joker


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