Swiss Grade Rolex Cellini 50035 VS Japan Grade Rolex Cellini 50035

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Today, we got a very beautiful watch – Swiss grade Rolex Cellini Moonphase replica watch Ref. 50535. It is the best version in the replica market. Detail finished, 1:1 replica, best quality. You can not find a better one for this version except original one.

As we know, there is a high quality replica Rolex Cellini moonphase watch in the replica market, high quality and beautiful, a lot of people find and bought this version. It is a Japan grade one.

Now. let’s compare this two versions – Swiss Grade Rolex Cellini Moonphase VS Japan Grade Rolex Cellini Moonphase.


Swiss grade version and Japan grade version both have a scratch-proof sapphire crystal. They are in white dial. But the Japan grade one is yellowish, the Swiss grade one has a more clear dial. Of course, If you take it out alone, you can not find the different.

  2. Watch Case

The watch case is a bit diffrent. The case diameter of the Swiss grade one is smaller than the Japan grade one, but the Japan garde one is thinner than the Swiss one.

  3. The Position and Function Of The Hidden Button. 

The hidden button of the Swiss one located at the lower left of the case, working with the moonphase. The button of the Japan one located at the lower right of the case, working with the date.


4. The Crown

The crown of the Swiss grade one is more ingenious than the Japan grade one.

5. The Moonphase Function. 

The moonphase function is the most different beteen this two versions. The Swiss grade one rotate once per month, but the Japan grade one rotate once per day. Without doubt, the function of the Swiss grade one is more close to the original one.


On the whole, these two watches are very good. The Japan grade one is very beatiful and in high quality. And the Swiss one is more closer to the original.

In fact, no matter which one you like, we sell both them.

Swiss Grade:

Japan Grade: