2017 New Rolex Watch Box Vs Old – Comparison

In late 2013, Rolex updated its box styles along with the warranty cards. The new boxes received some small cosmetic changes. See below for the color change of new vs. old box styles. On the left is the newest style Rolex box. The box sizes are still the same as before. You can see the color has changed both inside and outside the box.

 Rolex box change: outside color change
 Rolex box change: inside color change
One useful feature of the new box is the advantage of a larger pocket inside the box that can actually be opened and closed. This is neat for storing your tags, extra links, and warranty card. See below.

 Rolex box change: new pocket added
Overall a very nice and subtle update by Rolex, one that makes its boxes even more functional. Rolex has never been known for ornate boxes. Audemars and Patek are two brands with notably large and elegant wood grain boxes. We find the Rolex boxes to be perfectly functional and sturdy. After all, you wear the watch, not the box.